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Re: Beam for 70cm Uplink on AO-40

Yes.  I used a vertically polarized 7-element Yagi, with a bent
reflector, from TZ5RD to make 120+ Q's.  I was pushing 60W through 50+
feet of RG-213, too.

73, doug

   From: "Christensen, Eric" <CHRISTENSENE@MAIL.ECU.EDU>
   Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:43:29 -0400

   I have seen that most people are using circularly polarized or
   cross-polarized beams for the 70cm Uplink.  Then I see that the DXpedition
   on Christmas Island is using just a horizontally polorized beam for their
   uplink (maybe...  Just saw the picture
   (http://www.qsl.net/vk9xt/images/ao40.jpg) and I am assuming that they are
   using it for the uplink.  Does this mean that I can use a regular beam for
   435MHz horizontally???

   Eric KF4OTN
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