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RE: Sat Names for LoTW

Wayne, W9AE, suggested that the most logical and universally-known satellite 
names are the names that appear in the published Keplerian elements. From 
his supplied list


Now compare these first few with the list from the TQSL config file that was 
supplied by John K9IJ, and there are many issues. AO-07 to AO-7, RS10/11 to 
RS-10 and RS-11... Not to mention the lack of listing some of older birds, 
like AO-6 and AO-8 ect...

Fellows, this is a computer science. It's got to be an exact match with your 
contact or you will never see credit for the QSO. LoTW is starting with WAS 
and DXCC credit, but be assured it will continue to grow in awards credit. 
In time, even awards issued outside those by the ARRL.

I would suggest using the TQSL listing because that is what has to be 
satisfied. I just wonder where are the ISS and Shuttle names ?

Thanks everyone for you input...

Keith N4ZQ

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