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RE: Sat Names for LoTW

At 05:39 PM 10/14/2003 -0700, Scott Townley wrote:
>Jim has a good idea, but let's see what happens...
>The drop-down list for Satellite has the really long names...e.g. 
>But when you write the file, it comes up
>So I guess you/someone will have to write a record for each satellite and 
>see what "really" comes out.

Not quite that bad.  Here is the current list of satellites from the TQSL 
config file. I assume that the
start/end dates denote the date range for which satellite qso's are 
accepted for each bird.

John - K9IJ

     <satellite name="AO-10" startDate="1983-06-06">AMSAT-OSCAR 10</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-13" startDate="1988-06-15" 
endDate="1996-12-07">AMSAT-OSCAR 13</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-16" startDate="1990-01-22">AMSAT-OSCAR 16</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-21" startDate="1991-01-29" 
endDate="1994-09-16">OSCAR 21/RS-14</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-27" startDate="1993-09-26">AMRAD-OSCAR 27</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-3" startDate="1965-03-18" 
endDate="1965-03-27">AMSAT-OSCAR 3</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-4" startDate="1965-12-21" 
endDate="1966-03-16">AMSAT-OSCAR 4</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-40" startDate="2000-11-16">AMSAT-OSCAR 40</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-6" startDate="1972-10-15" 
endDate="1977-06-21">AMSAT-OSCAR 6</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-7" startDate="1974-11-15">AMSAT-OSCAR 7</satellite>
     <satellite name="AO-8" startDate="1978-03-15" 
endDate="1983-06-24">AMSAT-OSCAR 8</satellite>
     <satellite name="Arsene" startDate="1993-05-13" 
endDate="1993-09-10">OSCAR 24</satellite>
     <satellite name="FO-12" startDate="1986-08-12" 
endDate="1989-11-05">Fuji-OSCAR 12</satellite>
     <satellite name="FO-20" startDate="1990-02-07">Fuji-OSCAR 20</satellite>
     <satellite name="FO-29" startDate="1996-07-17">Fuji-OSCAR 29</satellite>
     <satellite name="LO-19" startDate="1990-01-22">Lusat-OSCAR 19</satellite>
     <satellite name="NO-44" startDate="2001-09-30">Navy-OSCAR 44</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-1" startDate="1978-10-26" 
endDate="1979-02-01">Radio Sputnik 1</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-10" startDate="1987-06-23" 
endDate="2000-11-01">Radio Sputnik 10</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-11" startDate="1987-06-23" 
endDate="2000-11-01">Radio Sputnik 11</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-12" startDate="1991-02-05" 
endDate="2002-02-15">Radio Sputnik 12</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-13" startDate="1991-02-05" 
endDate="2002-02-15">Radio Sputnik 13</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-15" startDate="1994-12-16">Radio Sputnik 
     <satellite name="RS-2" startDate="1978-10-26" 
endDate="1979-02-01">Radio Sputnik 2</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-5" startDate="1981-12-17" 
endDate="1987-05-10">Radio Sputnik 5</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-6" startDate="1981-12-17" 
endDate="1984-12-09">Radio Sputnik 6</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-7" startDate="1981-12-18" 
endDate="1987-06-01">Radio Sputnik 7</satellite>
     <satellite name="RS-8" startDate="1981-12-17" 
endDate="1985-12-16">Radio Sputnik 8</satellite>
     <satellite name="SO-35" startDate="1999-02-23" 
endDate="2001-06-10">Sunsat-OSCAR 35</satellite>
     <satellite name="SO-41" startDate="2000-09-26">Saudi-OSCAR 41</satellite>
     <satellite name="SO-50" startDate="2002-12-20">Saudi-OSCAR 50</satellite>
     <satellite name="UO-14" startDate="1990-01-22">UOSAT-OSCAR 14</satellite>

>At 17:26 2003-10-14, James Kennedy wrote:
>>stop the fighting,
>>if you go to TQSL and Edit and existing file you will see SATELLITES Names
>>you might have to EDIT each one in your log but it's a start.
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>>Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 6:14 PM
>>To: Clark B. Wierda
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>>Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Sat Names for LoTW
>>Log Window takes the names from NOVA. Does NOVA create them or are they
>>part of the Keps that Nova gets?
>>Since Nova is the #1 satellite tracking software I suggest we stay with the
>>names that Nova uses.
>>At 05:36 PM 10/14/2003, you wrote:
>> >Why don't we, as the user community suggest what that standard should be?
>> >
>> >Either as a list (AO-07, FO-29, AO-40) and/or as a standard (Prefix (AO,
>> >FO, SO, UO) and hyphen and a leading zero padded numeric suffix (this
>> >could either define the required length of the suffix or require any
>> >matching process to pad leading zeros to get the lengths the same)
>> >Standard constructions would then be a string match after adjusting for
>> >length (AO-7 would match AO-07 and AO-007).
>> >
>> >The definition should have enumerated exceptions (Shuttle, ISS, Mir) or
>> >some designator for those items that adhere to the standards.  One way
>> >might be to prohibit an exception from having a hyphen (and requiring the
>> >use of the hyphen otherwise).  (STS-40, for example, would fit the first
>> >definition and be easily identified as different from AO-40)  Exceptions
>> >would require a complete string match to be considered the same.
>> >
>> >Just a starting point and probably less clear than I would like.
>> >
>> >Fire away!!
>> >--
>> >Clark B. Wierda, N8CBW
>> >cbw@io.com
>> >
>John Rice  K9IJ
>Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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