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RE: Sat Names for LoTW

Why don't we, as the user community suggest what that standard should be?

Either as a list (AO-07, FO-29, AO-40) and/or as a standard (Prefix (AO,
FO, SO, UO) and hyphen and a leading zero padded numeric suffix (this
could either define the required length of the suffix or require any
matching process to pad leading zeros to get the lengths the same) 
Standard constructions would then be a string match after adjusting for
length (AO-7 would match AO-07 and AO-007).

The definition should have enumerated exceptions (Shuttle, ISS, Mir) or
some designator for those items that adhere to the standards.  One way
might be to prohibit an exception from having a hyphen (and requiring the
use of the hyphen otherwise).  (STS-40, for example, would fit the first
definition and be easily identified as different from AO-40)  Exceptions
would require a complete string match to be considered the same.

Just a starting point and probably less clear than I would like.

Fire away!!
Clark B. Wierda, N8CBW

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