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Re: IC-910 Question

On Monday 13 October 2003 08:13, Emily Clarke wrote:
> At 11:44 PM 10/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hello All,
> >Anyone out there using an ICOM 910h can tell me if the rig has DTMF tones
> >as a standard feature?
> No it does not (unfortunately...)
> >A fellow ham wants to get into satellites and use the same rig for local
> >repeater control, the spec sheet from ICOM does not mention DTMF at all.
> >Any help would be appreciated.
> I believe you can purchase a separate DTMF microphone as an option but if
> your friend has a sound card interface there are a number of DTMF sound
> card programs he could use as well.
> 73,
> Emily
> >Thanks
> >Bill WA1DMV
> >#20942

  When I first saw this thread  I was thinking repeater access tones , and yes  
a 910 has that built in...  if you want to place a call  or go irlp'ing  then 
you need a  ht-118 mic ( I think thats the one) but you will have to rewire 
the connector on the mic


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