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Re[2]: 10 GHz uplink AO-40


Thursday, October 9, 2003, 11:36:47 PM, you wrote:

>  It just seems that long after something is general knowledge, the status 
> still reflects something different...

Status reflects what has been tested positively, or still has to be tested,
just as the small arrows say.
> such as K-TX,  more than one person has reported that it looks as the 
> transmitter has partially failed, signals have dropped... not being on K I 
> can not personally confirm this... but the website shows K as being 
> operational,so is that status correct?
 You have certainly read the posting of OE1VKW who confirmed tat K Tx is
 working. But that does not mean that it is always ON. That is a determined
 by the schedule.

> L2 receive shows operational, but there is a 6db drop on its sensitivity over 
> L1,shouldn't it be marked partially failed? I still hope that the 6db drop 
> disappears... which it has done a couple times...be nice if it stayed gone...

Also availability of L2 is determined by the schedule. You are right, it is
about 6 dB weaker than L1, but nevertheless it is operational.

>     The rumor has it that the X-TX has no power to the TWT,but the website 
> has it as needing more testing, so is the rumor false and we can look forward 
> to the mode X downlink? I sure hope so !!! I was looking forward to that 
> one...

Sure it needs more testing, and possibly more tests will be performed when
the command stations have time to do so.

> Is there anyone that could give a brief health check status on ao-40? and 
> maybe do a little peek into the future for ao40 long term health?

I'm afraid that there is nobody what long term health concerns.

>   I had concerns that because of the explosion that fuel may have been sprayed 
> over the insides, since it is corrosive is there a concern for a shortened 
> life span for ao40?

Also in this case nobody knows if remaining fuel will have effect on the life span.
Therefore AMSAT-DL is working hard on P3-E and AMSAT-NA on Eagle to have
successors in case AO-40 will fail.

I would suggest that you and others enjoy working AO-40 as long and as
often you can. It's a great satellite! Take it as it is.

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