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Re: 10 GHz uplink AO-40

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 04:36:47PM -0700, kevin schuchmann wrote:

> such as K-TX,  more than one person has reported that it looks as the 
> transmitter has partially failed, signals have dropped... not being on K I 
> can not personally confirm this... but the website shows K as being 
> operational,so is that status correct?


I have received the beacon on K band at 27 apogees since August 10
when the transmitter was switched on. Except for one week, when I was 
not at home, I checked nearly all visible apogees - and I had
cross band QSOs with JA1 and VK5 (with a .48m dish).

The limiting transponder is normally overloaded by too many
stations which just listen to their S band downlink. Even 
if their S band downlink is properly below the beacon, the
stations are on K band much louder than the beacon and take
up nearly all power. For this reason and because of the pretty high
frequency drift (up to 4 kHz/minute due to Doppler and temperature)
it is a challenge to work K band downlink on both sides.

73 de Viktor, OE1VKW
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