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Re: Re: LoTW satellite contacts

> The good news is that you can add locations to your existing
> certificate using the Station/Add location option in TQSL as long as the
> callsign is exactly the same.   The moral of which is that it pays to read
> the FAQ https://www.arrl.org/lotw/faq#logsrovers
> I'll try to have the entries corrected later tonight or tomorrow.

I've corrected the gridsquares for all the rover contacts in EL97, EM74, 80,
84, 91 and 94.

LoTW replaces the old record with the new one.  In order to make it work you
have to output one ADIF file per location and then make sure you select the
correct station location  that you added when you sign with TQSL.  Each
signed file then is sent in to LoTW.


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