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Re: 10 GHz uplink AO-40

On Thursday 09 October 2003 01:54, K7XQ wrote:
> Just resubscribed to the amsat-bb due to my increased activity on AO-40.
> Was wondering if anyone has tried to use the 10 GHz uplink on AO-40 and
> what is
> required to get there. I plan on using 1 watt into a 1.2 meter dish.
> K7XQ   Jeff   Atwater, CA.
> Grid: CM97qi
> EME, Satellites, Meteor Scatter
> JT-44, FSK441 ( WSJT ) , CW

Hi Jeff,
   actually its a downlink on 10 ghz... and rumor has it that its dead,  no 
power to the TWT.

there is a DL website that lists status of the different systems but its badly 
out of date....


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