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MFSK-16 on AO-40

Try Hellschriber,  It has been being successfully used on AO-40 for years.
Hellschribers Unique properties optimize it for satellite use, It does not
require a stable frequency because of the way it sends and displays the
data. Also the encoding is done with tones similiar to MFSK-16  ( should
i say that the other way around because Hellschriber is over 50 years old).

I have made contacts using less then 200mw in the shack , which is probably
around 100mw at the feed and no more then 5w at sqnts over 20deg.
Hell activity on AO-40 usually occures about 10 to 20 kc below the beacon so
look there for some signals to practice with.

Good Hunting, 73

Keith N6ORS

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