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RE: MB signal-to-noise ratio evaluation

Charlie Suckling, G3WDJ, developed an excellent spreadsheet that compares beacon
signal to noise ratios for dishes of 2-10 ft diameter relative to a 2 ft dish.
He based the signal levels of the beacon and transponder noise on measured
levels on two antennas, a 5ft dish and a 10ft dish using identical feeds and
receivers. I have used a calibrated step attenuator with my receive system and
found my measurements agree with his spreadsheet to within about 1 dB. His
spreadsheet is located at:


My first version of the AO40 Groundstation Evaluation Tool (ao40v2.0) used data
that produced optimistic beacon S/N ratios. The latest version  (ao40v2.1)
produces results that are more in line with G3WDJ's measurements. v2.1 can be
downloaded from:



Gene Marcus W3PM GM4YRE
Huntsville, AL


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