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Re: Soundcard freeware

At 04:54 PM 10/8/2003 -0500, Wayne wrote:

>Another good freeware soundcard program is "Hamscope".  It has a very 
>straightforward user interface and supports PSK, MFSK-16, RTTY, ASCII, 
>Packet, and CW.

Right you are Wayne - I had completely forgotten about Hamscope.  I haven't 
used it in a while, but it does do RTTY quite nicely

>Has anybody tried MFSK-16 on AO40?  It might work well when the Doppler 
>shift is minimal.  MFSK-16 gives 100% copy of signals you can barely see 
>on the waterfall and barely hear with your ear.  It should handle really 
>deep fading.

I have tried it and the results were unsuccessful. However I am more than 
willing to give it another time if you want to sked it.



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