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Re: Re: Nova 2.1v Crashes. Possible bug?

At 08:28 AM 10/8/03 -0400, nx7u@arrl.net wrote:
>Vince and Mario,
>Yes I have the same problem as well!
>I run 2.1v on a Win95 laptop, and have observed the following:
>1. It only crashes when it's connected to the LAN/network...if it's 
>running standalone, 2.1v will run forever.
>2. The jury is still out--but I downloaded the most recent 2.1v build from 
>the NfW website about two weeks ago, and I haven't had the problem 
>since.  Perhaps check that--I am running 2.1v build 68 dated 9/11/2003.

Very interesting.

I run it on a notebook connected to a LAN also and with SASI tracker on the 
parallel port.  I just upgraded to 2.1V from 2.1R about 10 days ago though, 
and the problem is occurring on the latest version.  Hadn't had any 
problems before with it before the upgrade.


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