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Re: Programming question - dish angle

Hi Phil,
suspecting you use the PIC16F84 processor (or something very similar), I 
would forget the lookup tables and do it the 'right way':

Application note AN-660 from Microchip has the Cosine, Sine, ... 
whatever routines you need. Of course they are floatingpoint arithmetic 
but essentially you don't care. You just take the code and plug it into 
yours (also the integer to floating point conversion and back) and use 
it like a subroutine call.

This might not be the easiest way to do it, but it's for sure the way 
you benefit most, also for later projects. I myself was afraid of all 
this stuff until I had to use 32 bit floating point arithmetic for my 
DDS VFO with PIC and display... it's really easy now.

For finding other routines just go to the Microchip website and search 
for 'math'.. I even found a Fast Fourier Transformation for this little 
PIC.. although I can't think of any application right now :-)

73s Achim, DH2VA

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