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SatPC32 version 11.4 is released

Erich Eichmann DK1TB has released SatPC32 version 11.4.  Here is a summary
of the changes from version 11.3 to 11.4.

1. The programs now support the SatEL rotor interface.

2. The ground track function has been improved. The satellite's ground track
can now be displayed either temporarily (for about 10 seconds) or
constantly.  Version 11.3 only supported a temporary ground track display.

3. Bandswitching has been improved. When the user switches between
satellites with different uplink/downlink bands, for example between AO-10
(uplink 70cm, downlink 2m) and FO-29 (uplink 2m, downlink 70cm) a band
change is required - except with the Yaesu FT-847. With all other
transceivers the band change had to be done manually at the radio. With the
Icom transceivers IC-820, IC-821 and IC-910H SatPC32 now automatically
changes bands if necessary.  The CAT systems of the Kenwood TS-790 and the
Yaesu FT-736R don't allow band switching via the software.

4. The SatSetup auxiliary program has been improved. Western longitudes no
longer need to be converted to Eastern longitude values, but can now be
entered with a minus sign.

5. The North American version version of SatPC32 now correctly supports the
subaudible tone function in the North American version of the Icom IC-910H
firmware.  (European IC-910H firmware uses a different CAT command set!)

A demo version of SatPC32 can be downloaded from the "links" page of the
author's web site:
This site also has screen shots and a detailed description of the features.
If you are happy with the demo version, you may purchase a registration code
from AMSAT.

To purchase a SatPC32 CD or registration code from AMSAT, please
1. Call Martha at 1-888-322-6728.
2. Use the online AMSAT store:

SatPC32 11.4 CDs will also be available at the AMSAT Symposium in Toronto.

Erich Eichmann DK1TB donated the English version of SatPC32 to AMSAT, so
100% of your purchase price will go to support AMSAT activities.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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