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Nova 2.1v Crashes. Possible bug?

Hi all,
I'm going to send and email to tech support if the list doesn't have the 

My Nova 2.1v crashes from time to time.   A box will come up during 
tracking saying "Invalid parameter" and you can click "ok" to close it, but 
right a way about 50 of the box's pop up and then Windows 98 closes down 
the program.  When/after this happens I notice that map is gone from the 
view but the SSP, footprint, and ground track are still showing.   I need 
to reboot the computer in order to get Nova to run again after the 
error.  The view this is happening on is a rectangular map with four 
satellites being tracked.

Also,  I can't seem to manual update keps from disk anymore.

TNX 73 de KB7ADL

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