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LoTW satellite contacts


I just uploaded a 619 QSO file to ARRL's Logbook of The World (LoTW) which
they report they processed with no errors.  The file is a mix of HF and
Satellite contacts between March 1999 and 02 Aug 2003.  I've still got some
prior HF contest logs to submit once I get the right data into the right

One new item I learned in the process is that the data entry for the
PROP_MODE field must be all upper case.  i.e. <Prop_Mode:3>SAT

So far none of the QSL matches have been for satellite contacts which may
very well be a function of the small dataset as opposed to an actual
problem.  However, given some of the other information I've received
regarding how they match satellite QSOs, I am curious to know if anyone else
has uploaded a file that has resulted in QSL records for satellite contacts.


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