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Re: [OT] ft-736 keyer question - Solved

At 01:42 PM 9/9/03 -0500, John K9IJ wrote:
>At 09:52 PM 9/8/2003 -0400, Steve Meuse wrote:
>>Greeting folks,
>>                According to the 736 manual, I should be able to hook up 
>> an external keyer or a straight key without having to have the internal 
>> keyer module installed. Is this correct or am I just interpreting the 
>> manual incorrectly? I've tried to connect my external keyer and a 
>> straight key up with zero success. Any help would be appreciated.
>If the FT-736r has previously had a keyer module installed and then later 
>removed, it's possible/probable that the jumper
>that is cut during the installation has not been replaced/reconnected.
>Refer to the keyer module installation instructions on page 17  of  the 
>manual where it refers to "Cut the twisted jumper wire near P4001.
>If the jumper is still cut, then the key jack is effectively disconnected 
>from the transmitter keying circuit.
>John - K9IJ

This did it, thanks!

Now I really don't have any excuse to get my code speed back up!

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