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Re: PCSAT is Working Again!

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003 RogerKola@aol.com wrote:

> as you look at PCSAT telemetry, are their any indications why she seems
> to be operating in a more "normal" manner during this last period of
> 100% sunlight and the subsequent transition into 50% day/night we are
> seeing now?
> It almost seems as though the solar panels you suspected as not charging
> had unexpectedly started working again...

Since she died almost completely 7 days prior to the July full sun
period and she never came back to health when the full sun period came we
declared her dead.  But our new theory is that she had discharged to a
shorted cell and then the full sun period which only illuminates the SIDE
panels did not have enough peak charge current to overcome the short.  But
then when she got back to MAX eclipses, that is when the sun does fully it
the TOP panel which can produce 150% of the current of the side panels,
plus the 30% from earths albedo on ALL of the other 4 sides, that must
have gotten the cell to un-short.

Then ON HER OWN< shen then recoverd in this Septermber full sun period
because the cell was n o longer shorted.  And as long as we dont get a
reset, we can keep her in OPS noRMAL...

FIngers crossed...


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