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More G5500 control box repair

Thanks to John Beanland for sending me the voltages necessary and the part
numbers for two Radio Shack transformers that replaced the one Yaesu
transformer in the G5500 control Box - they work great and I should have
room to put both new transformers inside the existing control box. The part
numbers are:

273-1365    12.6v AC 450mA  (Runs lamps and electronics)
273-15128   25.2v AC 2A (Runs rotator motors)

My elevation rotator is functioning normally but unfortunately my azimuth
rotator which was the source of the problem (coax bound) still appears to be
non-functional - now to go take it down and disassemble it to find the
problem.  Any ideas?  Possibly a failed limit switch? Motor burned out?


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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