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Re: G5500

Hi Roy,

I have measured the winding resistances on the 5500 Rotator:
A4-A5 - 6.4 ohm
A4-A6 - 2.8 ohm
E4-E5 - 9.6 ohm
E4-E6 - 5.8 ohm

These refer to resistances between particular Azimuth and Elevation 
terminals on the Rotators.

I repeated the same measurements on a Yaesu 5400 Rotator that I have and 
found the following:
A4-A5 - 7.5 ohm
A4-A6 - 3.9 ohm
E4-E5 - 18.8 ohm
E4-E6 - 9.3 ohm

However, I don't know if I can compare these measurements between these 
two rotators. Does anyone with a known-working 5500 know what their 
measured winding resistances are?

I'm not looking forward to the prospect to having to unmount the 
antennas take the Rotators down from roof if I find they are also damaged.

-Daniel, VA3KKZ

Roy wrote:
> Have you tried measuring the motor winding resistances (disconnected 
> from control box) and comparing them with measurements from a good 
> G5500?  I don't have one here however.

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