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LVB Tracker

Hello Folks

Apart from the AMSAT-UK Colloquium I haven't distributed anything more on
this until now. The reason has been purely down to time - I don't seem to
have stopped since then with work! I distributed ten alpha PCBs there, and
there are about half a dozen reworks to do on it.

Here are some files for you for now:

http://www.g6lvb.com/Articles/lvbtrackdocsold.zip original v1.0 docs
http://www.g6lvb.com/Articles/lvbtrackerPPT.zip Power point presentation
http://www.g6lvb.com/Articles/lvbtrackchanges.zip changes to the original
v1.0 schematic
http://www.g6lvb.com/Articles/lvbtracknew.zip v1.1 schematic
http://www.g6lvb.com/Articles/lvbtrackpcb.zip reworks on the original 1.0
PCB to make it like v1.1 schematic

I haven't released the source or object code yet, or the programmer
software, but if you're desperate I can let you have a pre-release which
works but is rather cludgy to setup initially (and I haven't written any
user notes for it yet).

I am 'intending' getting a new v1.1 pcb out ready for Toronto... let's hope!

73 Howard G6LVB

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