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N3IYR AO-40 Antenna

Hello gang!
I have been selling this antenna system for nearly two years now and have
about 150 of them out there. It seems I have come to an impasse. The
distributor /importer here in the states is closing shop. He imports other
antennas along with my product "piggybacking" along. I have only 40 of my
product left to sell once they are sent to me. If I wish to continue selling
the antenna, I would need to import directly and pay additional
international shipping charges that would force the antennas price to
skyrocket. Since my antenna was "piggybacked" with other shipments I was
able to avoid these charges. It is looking like I will simply sell out the
available stock and close shop. My sales are very slow even though I tried
advertising in CQ and CQ VHF. I have been using basically word of mouth for
the last six months. The antenna has gotten good reviews from my customers.
I have even beaten out a certain British design with a patch feed. If you
are interested in this antenna, or know someone that may want one, please
contact me via my web site. After my current stock is depleted, this antenna
will no longer be available. It has been a fun learning experience, and
furthering the hobby has been very rewarding. The antenna was fun to
develop, and I got to meet some very interesting people. If you have any
comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Very 73,

Glenn Rollins
N3IYR Antennas
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