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The screen swapping i can explain away as your having the "autoview toggle"
enabled in the output settings menu.  I can't account for the telemetry
changing from current month to the 28 month of 2003.   Could be an event
status block or something.  Maybe someone else has seen this?  Perhaps time
dilation as AO40 approaches the speed of light during perigee?  Or a bug.


>Hi all
>I was having a few problems with AO40RCV by AE4JY, so
>took the easy way out and downloaded a fresh version.
>Version 2.04,
>Listening to the beacon just now and a few strange
>things were happening,
>The software was changing screens onits own?
>It stays in Signal screen till a block was decoded
>then jumped to status for a few seconds then back to
>the signal page.
>The telemetry was jumping from the current telemetry
>to telemetry a few weeks old, The status page was
>going from 10-2-03 to 28-9-03 then back to 10-2-03 on
>the next block,
>I saved the telemetry if anyone who speeks doublethink
>would like to have a look.
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