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helix feeds (continued)

Once again many thanks to all who replied to my message.
I found the link to the dish design program by W3PM / GM4YRE to be
excellent. It has answered so many of my questions by just inputting
diameters, feeds etc, really an essential tool for anyone playing with dish
I've settled on dual helix's for 1268  & 2401, both 6 turns.
Now I know you are all getting fed up with my questions but a lot of people
are emailing me direct and asking me to forward all received comments to
them , seems there are a lot out there in the same position as me.
So one final question, I've settled on the dual helix's , where is the best
position to mount them in realation to each other ?
Can both be mounted on the same reflector , the 1268 will come out about
6.5" past the 2401 helix , or is it best to have two reflectors and position
them so the ends nearest the dish are at the same point?
Thanks again one and all and to the silent listeners I will past on all
replies to you all.
73 de Keith

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