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AO40 Beacon+20 net

Dave, wb6llo, will call the next beacon+20 net on 9oct03 at 0730z.  Western 
Europe will be in the footprint for the entire session with good squints.

I know that is a "charming hour" for most, but as the orbit grinds around 
the world we'll be looking at some pretty extreme US times for fall and 
winter to take advantage of the good squints.  The good squints are a bonus 
for mode "L" and the weaker "U" uplinks...Some sessions will have to be 
made with the poorer squints by some of the N/C's with their work and 
family considerations.

The sessions at those hours with good squints are surprisingly active, and 
hopefully we can entice a number of our European friends to join us.

Alan, wa6dnr, ran a crackerjack one this morning with a pretty good Pacific 
(read early!) time zone representation.

Anyone interested in taking a session as net control please contact me, and 
we'll put you in the rotation...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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