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2mtr dish (additiona)l

First of all many thanks for all the email responses to my original post,
there are some clever people out there !!
I've decided to go with the dual helix feed for mode S & L and to build a
separate uplink antenna for 70 cms ( still undecided on a 14 turn helix or
17 ele each side crossed yagi)
Now there is a separate problem, for a 0.656 f/d dish some of you recommend
a 6 turn helical for each band and others say 2.5 turns or three turns, who
is right ??
Also I have searched the net for any drawings of a dual  S/L helix feed and
drawn a complete blank.
Once again I would accept any useful information.
Again , many thanks for your previous responces.
73 de Keith VK6XH

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