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Reading .pdf files [was: Re: STSAT-1 launch]

[Someone had problems reading a .pdf file i referenced, here's how to do it.]

Adobe offers Acrobat Reader at no charge at:


This includes a link to their license agreement, which you should read
before going to their alternative download page (see below).  Their fee-
based products would be used to generate .pdf files, although there are
also open source programs for doing that as well under LINUX and no doubt, 
other operating systems.

Their alternative download page does include a fairly wide range of
operating systems and languages (besides English):


If you're not running Windows, MacOS or their supported versions for
LINUX/UNIX, or are visually impaired they do offer a conversion service :


Macintosh LINUX is not supported, for example, so i have to run 'xpdf'
(an open source .pdf reader), which does not support their bookmarks.

I hope this helps.  If not, ask someone locally to help you, as this is
not something that's easily done over the net and i don't know that much
about Windows.
		       -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

P.S.  If you lose this, as a frequently asked question, i've saved it as:

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