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Promoting Activity

Hello the Net:         Some of my ramblings....        (AMSAT folks pay 
attention to the ROVER/PORTABLE issues)

Some rules to the ARRL microwave contest have been added with good 
intentions but without a formal review by microwave practitioners.
To me, HF operation is different than operating on bands 50 MHz and 
higher. Example, the Rover issue.

I recall one explanation being that the time limit of 24 hours was added 
to protect  energetic rovers from sleep depravation and causing harm on 
the highways.

Ask your self why there is NO   VHF/UHF/Microwave Advisory committee, 
VUAC, to advise the ARRL BOD on these matters, that are very different than
HF radio/contest matters. At one time there was a VUAC. This is a 
critical issue. Talk to your SMs and division directors .
Effective governance within the ARRL requires formal recognition of the 
VHF/UHF/Microwave participants, and to formally re-establish the VUAC.
Have you ever asked why 2M DXCC scores are not included in the ARRL DXCC 
Challenge Award ?

    Many advantages to a VUAC:    People who practice on the 50 Mhz and 
higher bands would help to manage contest rules.
                                                       VUCC rate fees 
would be thoroughly reviewed to prevent the up to 2$US/per card checking 
                                                        Best advise the 
ARRL BOD on issues on bands 6M and higher (maybe to include VLF weak 
signal issues)

for the VHF/UHF and microwave contests, I would like to see the 
Aeronautical mobile restriction eliminated.
What a challenge that would be requiring full elevation over azimuth 
antenna control and tracking for me on the
ground as well as in the airplane/balloon.

Primary purpose of any contest:  Activity.
Secondary purpose: Activity should be rewarded, technical challenges 
should be rewarded
Third purpose: administrative burden of scoring and filing.

How about a annual accumulative microwave contest ?  another great idea 
to improve activity. Scoring similar to the existing
10 GHz + contest but accumulated over 1 calendar year. Categories of all 
microwave bands, 902/903 MHz and above or individual bands.
Contact points to encourage talking to as many different people as 
possible. Distance points to allow, encourage and reward people
 who can operate in the big tropo opening as well as the contests. 
Initially include satellite operations.
In 5 years expand the freq range to cover 6M, 2M 222 and 432 MHz.

How about adding a third 10 GHz + weekend in the Spring, not to conflict 
with the spring sprints, and score the best  2 of the 3 weekends ???
Add a weighting factor to encourage Millimeter wave activity, 24 GHz 2X, 
 47 GHz 4X,  76 GHz 8X,  higher bands 16X. As higher band scores
increase to the same level as 10 GHz (only) scores, reduce the 
encouragement bonus factor.

I am in favor of more reporting in QST as suggested by Lloyd.

How about the VUCC Program, even though it is well administered, it is 
NOT managed, where is the short, medium and long range planning ?
The VUCC program is very important in promoting activity 50 MHz and higher.
This program must recognize the significant contributions to the 
Rover/Portable operations.
        Annual VUCC Rover/Portable Award for most 4 digit grids activated.
            You activate a 4 digit grid and verify 10 QSOs with QSL's, 
you get credit for the grid. Any band higher than 50.0 MHz
        Lifetime grid activation scoring like the standard VUCC program, 
any band, emphasis on Rover/Portable operations.

How about a VUCC award certificate that summarizes all VUCC program 
accomplishments ? instead of band or satellite only certificates ??

How about a VUCC Challenge Program to recognize the significant VUCC 
performers, much like the DXCC Challenge program ??
While DXCC Challenge represents the HFers, the VUCC Challenge would 
recognize the VHF/UHF/MIcowave performers.

How about combining DXCC and VUCC Challenge Award scores to determine 
ranked performance of participating hams.
Who are the top 100 Hams in the world ???

More thoughts later.....

Off the Soapbox..

Stan, WA1ECF

Chip Angle wrote:

> Hola,
> Most of the fun in this contest is running all over the place. I would 
> really like to know the exact reasoning behind limiting the contest to 
> 24 hours of operation on each weekend.  There are no limits I know of 
> in the other contests where extensive rover operations are the norm, 
> June etc. I would like to see the 24 hour limit eliminated completely.
> 73  Chip N6CA
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