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Free Membership ?????

Kind Attention all,
Present committee of AMSAT-INDIA has not resolved to offer free membership
to anybody or any hams in India or Abroad, So AMSAT-INDIA is not responsible
for any sort of free membership offered by Mr.Nagesh.
Mr. Nagesh has handed over all the files, Books, Receipts books etc... to
Mr. Ramesh VU2RMS & Air Commodore Subramnyam VU2UV (both founder member
AMSAT-INDIA) on health grounds from January, 27th 2003. His Handing over all
Amsat India documents & work was accepted by the committee then.

Mr. Nagesh is now no where connected to the HAMSAT project, according to the
project director ISRO.

Mr. Nagesh has alienated himself form the aims & goals of AMSAT-INDIA.
Joining other organization for his personal benefits whatsoever, He has also
hijacked the WEBSITE of AMSAT-INDIA which is not accessible to our Elected
WEBMASTER Mr. Venktesh VU3ICC, Irrelevant & un-resolved decisions Taken
individually are posted on the webpage by Nagesh. He has also denied access
to the webmaster, He had also stopped membership on his own, which was
brought to light by a young ham from Mumbai.

He has not furnished the accounts to the committee till date despite several
requests made by the coordinator Mr. Ramesh.

We value all paid membership from India & Abroad, Many have also generously
donated for the cause of AMSAT-INDIA.
We wish to respect the faith & trust of all the Paid up Members of

We pray to all the hearts who are working away from their family in ISRO for
our the Satellite & will come and address the world soon after launch.

Founder & Paid Life Member,
Sundeep Shah-vu3sxe.

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