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RE: mixw

Hi Howard,

You are quite right - now I remember that I was using the G3RUH modem in my 
1278 for the uplink and MixW for the downlink.

Right now I have several other things on my plate, and my experiments with 
PACSATs were limited (much more interested in AO-40 now) so I don't think 
I'm the person to take up this crusade at this time.  Perhaps in the future 

- Emily

At 09:00 AM 9/29/2003 +0100, Howard Long wrote:
>Hi Emily
>At Bob WB4APR's instigation, I had some discussions with one of MixW's
>authors a couple of years ago, and that's how we got the satellite BPSK part
>of MixW. But I think in the end our wires got crossed on the uplink. Sure,
>we got the downlink working, but I don't believe that the uplink was ever
>Looking back at the discussion, after a several beta builds (this guy could
>turnaround software in minutes!) it appears that we couldn't agree on how
>the MFSK uplink was generated. I had a hardware TNC to generate the MFSK (to
>compare his software - and his modulator certainly sounded different and
>displayed differently on a 'scope) and some documentation, but I don't think
>that we ever took it any further as the author had a pending release to
>If you would like to take it further with the author, I have all the emails
>from our discussions whish I'd be happy to forward to you. He was extremely
>helpful - his understanding of his software and speed of programming
>(without introducing new bugs!) made me realise that I am a second-rate
>programmer in comparison ;-)
>73 Howard G6LVB
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Emily Clarke [mailto:w0eec@amsat.org]
>Sent: 28 September 2003 20:28
>To: Howard Long
>Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] mixw
>Howard wrote:
>At 08:21 PM 9/28/2003 +0100, you wrote:
> >I never got MIXW to run the uplink to the 1200bps PACSATs, although it will
> >handle the downlink.
>I found that one of the uplink problems is that the beginning of the
>digital FSK stream may get clipped or malformed when the transmitter is
>keying up.  I'm using a Tigertronics SignaLink and this was a problem for
>me in the beginning.  If you don't have enough audio, it was slow to key
>up.  If you had too much, it would distort the waveform.
>Tigertronics had a couple of modifications on their web site that made the
>key-up process more sensitive.  After I made that mod I didn't have the
>W0EEC - CM87tm

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