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Worldwide Beacon + 20 Net - 1 Oct 2003

The next AO-40 Worldwide Beacon +20 net will be held Wednesday, October 1 
at 1300 Z.  All of North America, much of South America and the Eastern 
Pacific Rim will be in the footprint at that time.

Net Control for the Net will be WA6DNR Alan.  Please check in when you are 
in frequency.  Just a reminder to users to use minimal power, particularly 
during that period.  Squints will be excellent (3.5 degrees in my QTH of 
California) so no need to blast up there to get a signal into the bird.

Please remember to "find yourself" AWAY from the net frequency. Tuning ON 
or near the net frequency to locate yourself just causes difficulty for the 
rest of the net.  Net control will maintain a fixed xmit frequency ~20 kHz 
above the beacon.  NET CONTROL is always on frequency!!  Zero beat your 
receiver to net control, and slightly touch-up of your transmit frequency 
as required to insure you are transmitting in a natural voice on his 

You can find more information about this and other AO-40 Worldwide Beacon 
Nets at the Project Oscar website at http://www.projectoscar.net


Emily (for Alan WA6DNR)

Emily E. Clarke

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