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using a 2mtr dish

Subject: using a 2mtr dish

 G'day from Western Australia .
 I have a W0LMD dual patch feed 70 cms/ 13 cms on my 2 mtr dish.
 I dont believe I have the most efficient system possible and was wondering
 if I ran a few things past all who read these bulletins and study the
comments you make, I might get some positive suggestions..
 The dish is 2mtrs dia, mesh construction, with a f/d ratio of 0.656 the
 focal point is 1.312 mtrs from the face.
 My 70 cms uplink is an FT 736r with mirage amp and an output of approx 85
 watts. The feed line is belden 9913 and is approx 16 mtrs long.
 The RX is an aidc 3731aa from K6GNA. noise fig 1.0 db
 I have a mode L set up on the way, approx 1 month off completion, it will
 a HTX 100 tx on 28 mhz to a Parabolic transverter with 1 watt out  and a
 SSB electronics 0.5 to 10 watt amplifier.
 I have just completed an 18 turn helical for the uplink.
I sat back and looked at all this and I'm not sure that I'm doing things the
 best way.
 Would a dual helical feed for 23 and 13 cms on the dish and a separate 9
 turn helical on 70 cms be a better prospect?
 Or can anyone  suggest another way .
 I would appreciate all your comments as I seem to reach mental overload
 everytime I run the options through my brain !!
Construction of the antennas is not a problem, I'm a toolmaker by
 apprenticeship ( many years ago ) so thats the part I find easiest.
 I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you all on AO-40 if poss, I
 reached country # 50 this morning on AO-40 , after just 10 weeks on the
satellite, so todays a good day !!
 73 for now, and many thanks
> Keith Bainbridge  VK6XH
> vk6xh@arach.net.au

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