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FM Repeater on FO-29 Frequencies

Hi Everyone,

I've recently started to hear an FM repeating station of some sort when 
Mexico comes into FO-29s footprint.  Judging by the strength of the signal 
it must be putting several 100's of watts into an FM signal somewhere 
around 145.950 +/- doppler - FO-29's uplink.  It gets into the passband 
wiping out the bottom of the passband and causing other side effects on all 
signals. I first noticed it when my CW signal started to quaver (FM 
slightly) and I tracked down a big signal and switched modes until I found 
it was FM.  I've detected it now on a number of passes - it is strongest 
when the Mexican interior is in the footprint which leads me to believe it 
isn't in Baja California (though it still could be.)

I'm assuming this is an illegal repeater of some sort (tone controlled) 
that is using sat SSB frequencies and shouldn't be.  I'm curious about two 

1) Is loading FO-29 up with a lot of high power FM going to have an adverse 
effect on the satellite's health in general (I can't believe it is good for 

2) Is there any way that stations like this can be located and shut 
down?  Is there an enforcement agency that we can report things like this too?



Emily E. Clarke

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