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Electronic Satellite QSO Logging

In the process of upgrading from Logger 7.09 to Logger32 I decided to try to
make all the QSO data compatible with both ARRL's LOTW and eQSL.  It takes
some digging in either system, but this is what I have pieced together so

BAND field should show the satellite uplink band
BAND_RX field should show the satellite downlink band (optional)

FREQ and FREQ_RX can also be used in addition to or in place of BAND and
BAND_RX for the uplink/downlink.

PROP_MODE field should be set to SAT
SAT_NAME field should indicate the satellite name in the format cc-nn (i.e.
AO-40, FO-29)
SAT_MODE field does not appear to be used by LOTW. This makes it seem that
the best way to record the transponder mode is to use the BAND and BAND_RX

Looks for something like SAT A (e.g. Mode A) in the BAND field, or if BAND
and FREQ aren't there, there's an ADIF tag called SAT_MODE which would
contain values such as A or J or K.  Based on what it finds in the BAND or
SAT_MODE fields it converts the value of the BAND field to show the
satellite's uplink band. It appears that you'd need to put something in the
COMMENT field to ensure that the resulting eQSL card will reflect a
satellite contact.  The complete conversion table is available at

Of course there are other fields such as QSO_DATE, TIME_ON, CALL and MODE
which apply to both systems and terrestrial as well as satellite contacts.

If anyone has more information to add about interfacing with eQSL or LOTW
please pass it along.


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