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RS-15 sending telemetry

The last three times i've listened for RS-15's beacon:

	  Telemetry Only KD6PAG 2003-09-24 16:00-:15 UTC
    RS-15 Telemetry Only KD6PAG 2003-09-23 16:46-:59 UTC
	  Telemetry Only KD6PAG 2003-09-22 21:46-:59 UTC

It's been CW rather that its more typical form for me (3 seconds on fading 
to 2 seconds off and rising again to repeat the cycle).  I'm just using a
'10m' twinlead J-pole, so i don't hear that well, even when the bands are 
quiet.  I've recorded parts of the past two passes i heard the beacon on, 
and will try to get a local to transcribe it for me, as there's too much 
QRN for me (or my computer, which lacks EME software) to have much of a
chance of copying it.

I've listened at 29.380 MHz many times and never heard anything that might
resemble transponder activity when the beacon has been strong, but then
again,  my downlink antenna could be the problem there. (I currently also
lack a suitable antenna for an uplink to try it myself.)  Anyone else hear
(or made) QSOs and/or the beacon?
					-- KD6PAG

P.S.  Is there a LINUX solution for copying CW telemetry?
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