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LogWindow for satellite contacts

I have been using LogWindows (now called LogWindow) for several years.  I really like the user interface, but it is far from optimized for logging satellite contacts.  Here are the major deficiencies:

1. There is no provision to create a VUCC (grid) report for satellite contacts.

2. Satellite contacts are NOT filtered from non-satellite "reports".  Consequently, satellite contacts corrupt non-satellite reports for things like VUCC, DXCC, WAS, WAZ.

I sent numerous requests to Creative Services Software (when they supported this program) asking them to fix this, but they never did.  A few months ago W4SCO announced LogWindow to amsat-bb, which prompted me to ask if these defects have been fixed.  He confirmed that these defects have not been fixed in the new release.  He suggested maintaining a separate log file for satellite contacts.  That is indeed one way to work around the deficiencies in the program, but I already have a huge log file that has satellite and terrestrial contacts mixed together.  I don't intend to pay $40 to upgrade to the latest version until the satellite deficiencies are fixed.  AA6NP identified still another LogWindow satellite defect that cannot be worked around by using a separate log file for satellite contacts (satellite name field is blank in ADIF files).  So please be aware of these things before you commit to use LogWindow for logging satellite contacts.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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