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BUD Dish Mover Controller Question

	First to make my self clear, what I am calling the "Dish Mover"
is the motorized screw jack that is found on most BUDs to move or rotate
the dish.

	I recently replaced the original dish mover *controller* and all works
fine except I am now getting ~1/2 the rotation counts that I got with the
original controller. The dish mover uses a reed switch to initiate the pulses.
I am told the new controller may be looking for a optical isolator in the dish
mover to develop the pulses.

	My question: Has anyone had any experience with this?  I would
like to get more counts per rotation than the ~200 I am getting (end to end)
with the new controller. The original controller count was ~400. I am not
sure changing the rotation sensor in the dish mover is a option.

	TNX for any help
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