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directv recieve dishes

Good evening,
I have some questions conserning directv dishes and antennas used in
wireless cable tv.
Over a few years I have aquired a directv dish with 2 recievers and one
large wireless cable tv recieving wire dish.The Directv dish is a RCA
showing a recieve frequency of 12.2 to 12.7 ghz.
The wireless cable antenna right now I have no clue what frequency it works
at but I need to go into my shed to find out the model.

Are these antennas worth anything for recieving signals from AO-40 and other
sats that run at 2.4 ghz?
I have seen articles in older 73s magazines on using a directv dish and
wireless cable tv dishes for recieving.Since then I have lost those
Are there any good links on the web that I can go to read up on this?

I am planing within 6 months to a year to set my self up for ao-40.

Thanks and 73s,
Glenn kd5dga
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