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Icom 910H package FS

If you are looking for a "do-it-all" VHF/UHF/Microwave
satellite radio, here is the package for you.  I have
an Icom 910H for sale, with almost every possible
option included and installed.  The radio was
purchased from AES about 2 years ago, and is in
excellent condition, with no physical defects.  It
covers the 2/70cm/23cm bands, at 100 watts on 2
meters, 75 watts on 70cm, and 10 watts on 23cm (1296
mhz).  It does dual receive, full duplex for the
satellites, has a built in keyer, built in tone
encoder/decoder, and 2 9600BPS high-speed packet

Here is what is included in the package, with the AES
current price listed after each item:

Icom 910H radio, with mic, manual, and power cord
UX-910 1200 mhz band unit ($500)
CR-293 TCXO High-stability crystal unit ($280)
UT-106 DSP unit for main band ($140)
UT-106 DSP unit for sub band ($140)
FL-132 500 hz CW filter for main band ($120)
FL-133 500 hz CW filter for sub band ($120)
UT-102 Voice synthesizer ($75)
MB-23 Carrying handle ($16)

All of these items new would come to $2441, plus the
additional service charge for installation of the
UX-910 and CR-293 and alignment which it would
require.  So you are looking at a $2500 package that
will do it all for satellite operating, VHF
contesting, or chasing grid squares.  You can also
power mast mounted preamps with this radio, and Icom
also makes a 2400 mhz downconverter if you want to run
AO-40 with this rig.  You will not find a nicer
package, and I am offering this radio and accessories
for $1800 shipped.

I would also be interested in trades involving an Icom
746 (original), Kenwood TS850, or Icom 756PRO.  I can
take paypal as well as check or MO.

73s John NE0P

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