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I: [Moon-net] JW/SM2BYA 432 MHz EME from Spitzbergen

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From: ugw <ugw@eiscat.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 4:15 PM
Subject: [Moon-net] JW/SM2BYA 432 MHz EME from Spitzbergen

> Hello all,
> The EISCAT Svalbard Radar October operations schedule is now out on the
Web -
> and the 32-meter antenna has been assigned to the JW/SM2BYA operation from
> UT, October 17 to 2400 UT, October 19 ! WE ARE REALLY GOING TO GET ON !!!
> Status:
> TX chain has been tested at 500+ watts output and is ready to go,
> Some minor work remains TBD on the RX chain, but could be used as it
> One DB6NT spare preamp was delivered a few days ago,
> Antenna relay, sequencer, interlocks and control logic all tested and
> The K2RIW PA, the HV PSU and the 28/432 transverter are all built in 19"
> panel format. They will be installed in a 19 inch equipment rack in the
> cabin, only three meters from the waveguide port - so cable losses should
> be negligible.
> Polarisation:
> I have now double-checked the specs on the 32-meter feed system. It is set
up to
> transmit RHC and receive LHC at 470-530 MHz.
> We are going to access the feed through the RX port => we will be
> LHC and also receiving LHC (not RHC as said earlier). The polarisation is
> likely to be more than approximately circular, as the polariser is tuned
for 500
> MHz, but at least the handedness should remain the same at 432.
> Consequences: We are not expecting ear(th)-shattering own echoes,
> Stations set up for plane polarisation will lose 3 db both ways but
> rotation will not be an issue,
> IMPORTANT: Stations able to TX/RX circular should configure their antennas
> RHC and use that both for RX and TX to match our fixed LHC setting.
> More info to follow later. Questions please to sm2bya@telia.com
> Like to see a picture of the antenna? Go to www.eiscat.com/esr
> Please spread the word to your terrestrial and AO-40 friends !
> 73
> Gudmund SM2BYA
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