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Re: Mac users

take a look at:





> I wish I could go, but it's nice to know I'm not the only Mac-based ham 
> out there.  I would very much like to have some sort of forum for Mac 
> owners, particuarly those using the latest versions of OS 9 and OS X, 
> because I'd like to see some way of getting together and convincing 
> some of these manufacturers and publishers that it's worth including 
> support for our machines in their products, and possibly making 
> connections with people who have development tools and time to work on 
> ham-related coding for OS X.  I've been wishing for so many concepts to 
> be ported over to my platform, DigiPan for starters, and dreading 
> having to get VirtualPC to run most of what's out there.  I'm sure 
> you're familiar with the sort of frustration I mean, especially if 
> you've ever tried to get ARRL to think about releasing Mac-related 
> stuff ..

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