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Re: Patches and BB Grills

Tony's answer seems correct...but has anybody ever tried it?

If the grill elements are close enough together, there must be some point at
which the dish looks "solid".  At that point a grill should perform much
like a solid or mesh dish, even with circular feed.  If that's true, I
wonder what that dimension is (for 2.4 gHz)?

Just curious.

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Patches and BB Grills

> Hi Al,
> The BBQ dish is linearly polarized so it does not
> reverse the polarity. A patch would not be a good
> feed for the usual BBQ dish because the e-field
> pattern would be much too wide for the dish.
> 73,
> Tony AA2TX
> ---
> At 04:55 PM 9/14/2003 -0700, Albert Ozias wrote:
> >Are patches usable and effective on BB Grills?
> >
> >Does the BB Grill reverse the polarity ( RHP to LHP ) similar to dishes.
> >
> >Thank you - Al
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