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Yaesu G-5500 Help

Hi Folks,

I have a G-5500 az-el rotor in which the az rotor has just failed. I
will bring it down in a couple of days, but was wondering if any of you
have a parts list so that the required parts can be ordered as soon as
determined. Also an indication as to where I can order the parts from.

It got stuck at 270 deg during a sat pass and then both needles-the az
and el needles- on the control box flick to their max range when you
touch any one of the four levers, perhaps indicating a shorted
connection or part. The elevation rotor works fine if the az rotor is
disconnected and using the az control to elevate by switching cables
also works.

Perhaps someone could advise on what may be the problem, both cables
have been checked out by interchanging az and el cables and are fine as
is the control box.


Many thanks,


Gopal VU2GMN / Madras, India
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