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Re: GPS to use for Grid Square/Maidenhead

On Friday, Sep 12, 2003, at 20:21 US/Central, Ronald Nutter wrote:

> I am trying to find a basic gps that will give me Maidenhead.  I 
> bought a
> Geko-101 from Garmin but it appears that it doesnt do maidenhead but 
> instead
> offers MGRS.  Suggestions ?

Dunno .. I'm still looking for one without a display that will sit on 
the roof of my SUV and feed NMEA to an APRS encoder/transmitter .. and 
can't seem to find the blind mount ones that are used for that.  Good 
luck .. I'm sure one is out there.  I know my Magellan Meridian won't 
do it, but then I bought that one before I found out Magellan doesn't 
seem to give a hoot about Mac owners and I should have gotten a Garmin. 
  Still looking for a good OS X app that supports either.  Sigh ..

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torn and twisted metal."

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