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Temperature behaviour of semiconductors


Its already a while ago I did some tests on "normal" components with 200C 
temperature and see if I could find any electrical changings afterwards.

I am still looking for data about the behaviour of electronical components 
under extreem temp. comditions. I remember that I red some physics book for 
about 2 years what explained the physical changings of a PN barier with 
increasing temperature, and also why silicon is used instead of Germanium 
etc etc... but I can't find it anymore. I can't find any usefull information 
about this topic at all.

Somebody knows any source (book, webpage, etc etc) where I can find data 
about this topic ?????
Other data from semiconductor behaviour under influenses of forces like 
radiation, pressure, static energy etc etc is also welcome...

Besides semiconductors I also have some tube question :o)
Do unheated tube amplifiers exist ??  (E.g triode with cold cathode)
Maybe they survive better than silicon components under extreme conditions 
(radiation, heat/cold)
(Cold cathode would save power)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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