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Re: Maximum squint for AO-40 to be usable

At 09:31 PM 9/12/03 -0400, Ronald Nutter wrote:
>If I programmed Nova right, I am getting squint settings now.  I am seeing a
>squint of 35 degrees plus.  I have gotten the impression that at 20 degrees
>AO-40 is difficult to work.  Is this right ?

On the U-band uplink with an M2 436cp30 (14.1dbdc) and 25 watts I can work 
AO-40 comfortably up to a squint of 20 degrees. With a little more power, 
I'm able to work it up to and sometimes over 25 degrees, but not much more 
than that. I've never used more than 50 watts on the UHF uplink.

However, YMMV.


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