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RE: YI/4L4LN..

Original Message:
From: Frank A Cahoy k0blt@juno.com
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 08:23:25 -0600
To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Subject: [amsat-bb] YI/4L4LN..

This is probably directed to Bruce, KK5DO.  I read with interest via an
ARRL DX Bulletin that cards for Ed, YI/4L4LN are approved for DXCC


Sorry guys, Ed, 4L4FN was only in Iraq for about 6-8 weeks. He did not have
any equipment nor did he get on the air. He is in Angola now and will be on
AO-40 as soon as he gets his apartment. The apartment is supposed to be
near the beginning of October. Will take him a few weeks to get his stuff
straight but we should have Angola on satellite by the end of the year
(because of the poor squint etc as the satellite is rotated next month).

As usual, stay tuned and don't touch that dial. I'll let you know when he
is active on AO-40. Might be country #100 for someone.


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