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Re: Suggestion for DB6NT Transverter for L-band AO-40 uplink

ReinhardSual schrieb:
 Hi Reinhard,

 1st : just finished my portable setup for my 2nd spring 2004 operation in 

 2nd : due to the poor performance of the U-uplink-path (AGC mostly - 14 db) 
decided to use L-band for uplink. RX-ant on spacecraft for 1269 has 5dB more 
gain than the 435 MHz RX-antenna

 3rd : its always better to have 1269 MHz pwr close to the antenna than in the 
shack so its not an advantage to have an transceiver with L-band in shack, 
except if you can handle 1 5/8" cable...

 4th :  transceiver with 436/1269 at the antenna is most useful

 5th : 1 watt with W0LMD can be ok with a one m dish on CW but not for SSB
        armchair copying. made kast week several tests with one watt. OK in CW
        with 539 back SSB just audible, SQ5  MA130

 6th  : Kuhne transverter with a ten or 40 watt PA  will be the best.

 7th : will check out my equipment during my travel to EA6 in october 2003
       its a 1,10m offset dish with Kuhne transverter ( 436/1269 MHz and 40 
       watts solid state PA, and the famous W0LMD-dual-patch

 listen for me around  46 kHz BELOW the beacon ( was born 1946 - so its a good 
reminder for me to be 46 kHz below the beacon

 73 from rainy Hamburg

 Rolf DK2ZF  T88ZF V63ZF

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