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GB5FI - Flat Holm Island Expedition 2003


During the dates 22nd -27th August 2003, members of the "Barry Amateur
Radio Society (South Wales -UK) added a significant role to historic event
that was made by  Mr.G.Marconi  on the 13th May  1897.
Each year the Barry group make visit to operate a special event station (
GB5FI ) from Flat Holm Island in the Bristol Channel ( UK) to pay homage to
the occasion of Marconi making the first radio tranmission across water and
 also making the first  DX  link to English side of the channel.

This year the Barry Amateur Radio Society added to the history by also
operating the special event station and linking up with the world via the
amateur radio satellite Oscar 40 (AO - 40).
History was made (Smile Mr.Marconi) when the group made the first satellite
contact on Sunday 24th August with KC2HLI  (Pete R. Penta) located in New
York,, USA  -  using an uplink on 70cm and the  downlink frequency on
The team also went to make contact with at least 64 other amateur radio
radio stations via the satellite, this  also accounted for 18 countries
world wide.
In addition to the USA & Canada the list also  included SouthAfrica for the
round trip of  the radio transmissions.

 For Ken Eaton (GW1FKY) also on the Amsat  - UK Committee, satellite
working was not a new mode of operation, but for the rest of the team it
was new event and experience,  especially with the satellite at times being
 at its furthest point in its orbit, some 60,000Km - Real DX !

The team as usual, also operated on the VHF and HF bands, this included
modes of operation of SSTV and PSK31 to make the contacts.
Many thanks to all whom supported the event by making contact with GB5FI -
Apologies to those in parts of the world that due to time difference and
our resources etc, we were perhaps unable to make a link up with on this

Finally many congratulations to Pete ( KC2HLI ) for being the first contact
via satellite from Flat Holm Island .  Perhaps the birthplace of our hobby
and Dx - Courtesy of Mr.G.Marconi.   -  His predictions came true !

Thanks also of course to AO- 40 for making this possible!

Barry Amteur Radio Society
South Wales
United Kingdom

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